The Greater New York ACA Intergroup, Inc. (GNYAI) was formed on November 27, 2015, as a domestic not-for-proft corporation in the State of New York.  


The GNYAI is not currently a charitable organization under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

We'd love hearing from you how the GNYAI can be of service to your group! 

What Is Intergroup?


All Group Representatives are welcomed to participate in the GNYAI.  


The Group Representatives from the various groups in the region meet monthly at the GNYAI Business Meeting via conference call every third Sunday at 7 pm.  For Call-in details, and for other GNYAI meetings and events click here.

In between conference call meetings, the GNYAI uses an internet based project management platform to work on various projects.

 If your group is interested in becoming a part of this or other exciting GNYAI projects, send us an email so your group can join the conversation.  


GNYAI email: greaternewyorkaca@gmail.com  


NY Intergroup Meetings

3rd Sunday

Monthly Intergroup Business Meeting - 7pm Conference call

Quarterly In-person

  • 3rd Sunday @2pm EST
    January, April, July, October
    4 W 43rd Street
    between 5th and 6th Ave
    Suite 308
    Manhattan NY