New NY Meetings

1st Sundays 7pm - Public Information, Hospitals and Institutions, ACA Teen Intergroup Meeting

April 10, 2019

H&I, PI & ACA Teen Intergroup Meeting

First Sundays 7pm

via conference call 

(641) 715-3655    Pin 878556


 “In this Public Information effort, Intergroups and groups have a number of options, including, but not limited to, assembling packets of information for mailing or personal distribution, preparing flyers, open meetings, events, and free public information forums” -

ACA WSO PI Pamphlet


WHY ARE H&I MEETINGS NECESSARY? “The purpose of an ACA H&I meeting is to carry the message of ACA recovery to adult children who, by virtue of their presence in a hospital, institution, or prison, cannot attend other ACA meetings.”


ACA Teen is a newly developed concept adopted by fellowship vote in 2005. ACA Teen is for any group of Children of Alcoholics who would like to adapt the ACA program for their own purposes. ACA Teen groups should honor the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and be sponsored by an ACA group”

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