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ACA Literature

WSO Announcement Regarding Literature

The ACA WSO distribution center has been closed due to an emergency order by the state of California. At this time, ACA WSO is not accepting orders for ACA books and other merchandise that must be physically shipped from the center. 

Members may purchase ACA books through Amazon (click here for our Amazon US Listings, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany) Please note that some of our titles are out of stock. We suggest that you verify that the book is being listed from ACA WSO and not a third party with a higher price.


You also may use our online shopping cart service to obtain audio recordings and any other e-products, or to make a Seventh Tradition contribution. We recognize that this is a significant impediment to personal recovery, and we are exploring options for distributing ACA literature during the pandemic.

Further updates will be posted on the ACA WSO website as they become available. Thank you for your patience, and please take care of your personal safety.
The ACA WSO Board


The GNYAI is very pleased to offer member groups conveniently accessible and affordable ACA Conference Approved Literature and merchandise right here in New York through the Group Literature Program  - rather than having to place an order, pay and wait for days or weeks for the shipment.  

Groups are encouraged to purchase literature for resale to the adult children attending their meetings.  

The GNYAI offers the same books and merchandise as the WSO and special products like a Recovery Pack of Tri-folds, Service Pack of Tri-folds, ACA Laminated Slogans, etc.  Due to the cost of operating the GLP, no bulk discounts are offered.


The GLP proceeds support the GNYAI's and local groups' efforts to carry the ACA message to adult children.


                To Start an order or for more info, email:

The Greater New York ACA Intergroup celebrates a year of literature sales to ACA Groups!  


We carry the full line of ACA Conference Approved Literature and Merchandise at the same list price as the WSO without having to pay or wait for shipping:


                   *  Fellowship Text aka the Big Red Book (BRB)                             *  Annual Medallions

                   *  12 Steps of Adult Children Workbook                                                     *  1, 2, 3, 6, 9 Monthly and 6 Meetings Chips

                   *  The Laundry Lists Workbook                                                         *  Booklets

                   *  Strengthening My Recovery - The Meditation Books                *  Tri-folds


In addition we also offer the tri-folds in Recovery Packs and Service Packs printed on bright colored paper in a neat envelope so that they can be kept handy while saving costly ink expenses.  


We also offer color printed Laminated Slogans that can be displayed at meetings.


Sales are available by appointment with these easy quick steps:


                                  1.   Contact the GNYAI Literature Trusted Servant at:

                                  2.   Fill out an order form.

                                  3.   Confirm a day/time to pick up the literature. 

                                  4.   Pay by Cash, Check or Money Orders to “GNYAI Intergroup”.

                                  5.   Arrange pick up, delivery or shipment via mail.


 GNYAI Literature storage facility is at:

                                                                           Gotham Mini Storage

                                                                           501 10th Avenue (at 39th Street) 

                                                                           New York, NY  10018  

  • So that groups do not run out of literature, the GNYAI offers payment plans, delivery/mailing to groups.  Inquire via e-mail.   

  • All items will be sold at the list price appearing on the GNYAI Literature Order Form.

  • Due to the cost of operating the Literature Program, bulk discounts are not offered.

Proceeds from literature sales support your intergroup carry the ACA message and funding the operational needs of the Group Literature Program, such as paying for the storage space and gas for deliveries.       


Thank you for supporting your local Intergroup!!!

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